Imago Professional Facilitator Fundamentals Training January 2024

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Imago Professional Facilitator Fundamentals Training

Become an agent of change in the world!

Become a skilled expert in helping people move from conflict to connection and join a global community of passionate Imago practitioners

The program is designed for the application of Imago tools for managers,professionals, educators, community leaders, and those ready for the next level of personal growth. Attend with your business or life partner, if possible.

  • Acquire facilitation skills to help individuals, dyads and groups build integration. 
  • Learn a proven model of communication that builds trust, teamwork, creativity, motivation and belonging to use yourself and teach to others
  • Know your own strengths and challenges;
  • Manage conflict situations in a structured way that provides safety for all
  • Grow yourself as a person and as a facilitator of connection between others that you can continue to use long after the program ends.

You will learn

* Imago Dialogue                                   * Team Building

* Attuned Listening                                * Communologue

* Facilitation Skills                                  * Validation, Empathy

* Conflict Management                         * Relationship science

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