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      Gene Shelly

      Now that you have learned about the Cosmic Journey, how do you think it might help you working with couples to better understand the Imago shift to the Relational Paradigm and the impact that they are having on each other’s sense of aliveness?

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      It is fascinating really as it really puts into context the bigger picture. It goes beyond…..heal yourself with the goal to self-actualize with your independence intact and then you will be ready for a relationship. This might be typical of traditional individual therapy approaches. Rather what I am getting is that inter-dependence and interconnectivity is the goal.

      So back to the bigger picture… the Universes evolves and since we are all connected and therefore evolving along with it, so it is that the coupleship is a mini-Universe and has full potential to evolve. In fact isn’t the relationship itself the vehicle with with the couple can evolve? And our job as Imago therapists is to help couples move to a higher level of growth, evolvement and inter-dependence and of course to create foundational safety and connection first but ultimately evolvement and consciousness. It seems to me that as per The Cosmic Journey this is what the couple is yearning for. The couples sense of aliveness is a natural outcome. I am part of this journey with the couple so as they achieve this, so the sense of aliveness is also apparent in me (well, we all come from the same source, we are energy and we are all connected so how could it not?)

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      Christine Petrik

      Hi Dianne

      So beautifully said! YES, the Relationship is the vehicle in which the couple evolves. That reminds me of a quote by Thomas Merton: “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone, we find it with another.”

      And yes, restoration of FULL ALIVENESS is an innate desire and also a natural outcome of this relational work. One small tweak (although I suspect you know this) is that connection/interconnection already exists. It does not need to be a goal because it’s already there. Sadly because we EXPERIENCE ourselves as “disconnected” when the connection is painful, we forget this Universal Truth and then we go into defending and attaching….. in an attempt to “protect” ourselves.

      I particularly appreciated your comment about being part of the couple’s journey (evolution). We are so fortunate/privileged to do this level of work. Thank you for that wonderful share!!


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      Yes….of course! That is a GREAT tweak….it (connection/interconnection) is already there! It already exists. So easy to forget as this is such a different way of thinking. Although it might be a bit harder for couples to wrap their heads around that in the beginning. Thanks Christine.

      PS I love the quote by Merton.

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      Knowing more about the cosmic journey helps me remember that the couples I work with are always connected, even when they may not see or feel it.

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      Christine Petrik

      Thanks, Cadey!

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