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      The video clip of Michael Jr was a powerful illustration of the points you were trying to make in the lecture. It moved me to tears but more importantly than the emotional reaction is that I got the point. My question: has anyone ever used this video clip as a teaching moment in their work with couples? It seems to me at the right time it could be a powerful teaching tool for a couple. Since obviously some couples are still the baby crying out their distress, looking for someone to say as Michael Jr did……I am right here (I see you, you exist etc.). The only difference is the methods to express the distress, fear etc have evolved i.e. criticism, withdrawal, defenses, hailstones/turtle, contempt, stonewalling and on and on. So would you recommend using this clip for couples? When I look back at some of the couples I have worked with I think it could have been a good intervention at the right time.

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