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      Katherine Culp Odom

      I very much appreciated the organization and thoroughness of this module. Here are the things that felt particularly impressive”
      – the variety of lecturers
      – That all lecturers were always present
      – the richness of coursework material
      – the step by step of each week process
      – having the slides prior to class – and then seeing them in class
      – having the same small group – to build trust
      My feedback for improvement
      – I very much missed having discussion time with the participants during the lecture portion. Harville and Helen actually offered a brief reflection time and this felt connective and enlightening, but when Kobus offered small group time for reflection after their lecture, I felt this was invaluable sharing of perspectives.
      – i often could not find all of the many materials. This might have been because I missed the first class, but having a materials tab for each week would have been great for the reading material
      – I was hoping to have more connectivity with my classmates – even if just through the forum. I am not sure how you might activate this, but I was hoping to get to know them and also hear how their growth was going as a way to consider my own.

      Al-in-all it was very powerful and I would recommend it to anyone considering learning more about Imago for their therapeutic practice.

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