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Imago Online Training: An Introductory Course in Imago Fundamentals

This introductory course to Imago theory and practice is being offered in this online format and is divided into 8 lessons (32 hours). It is an overview of the fundamental assumptions and ideas of Imago Relationship Therapy. Participants will explore and practice the application of Imago Dialogues in order to gain first hand knowledge and experience of practicing Imago Therapy. Clinical skills to practice will include Imago Workup, Imago Dialogue, Creating Safety, Deepening Empathy and Connection, Providing Feedback, Identifying Growth Edges, Appreciation Dialogue and Re-imaging. Our goal is for this to be an enjoyable and empowering experience for you!

Each of the 8 lessons are divided into two parts: Part (A) & Part (B). Part (A) is the Distance Learning, self-paced, part of the course and is designed to introduce mental health professionals to the theoretical foundations and clinical applications of Imago Relationship Therapy, a powerful and effective approach to couples therapy and counselling. Four of the 8 lessons are devoted to Imago’s meta-theories: the Cosmic, Evolutionary, Psychological and Social Journeys. Other lessons will include: the Imago Dialogue, the Imago feedback process, and some of the Imago therapeutic tasks like Re-romanticizing, Re-visioning and Re-imaging the relationship. Part (B) are the Live-Classes that are held each week to further deepen each lessons theme and spend quality time in a small group practicing different dialogues.

We believe these lessons will enable you to experience, for yourself, the powerful intervention of the Imago Dialogue in couples therapy and provide you with a taste of the power of the “space between” in couple dyads. You will practice and experience using Imago skills and begin to see the effectiveness of these interventions and understand why they are so powerful and impactful.

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