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This Course is an overview of the fundamentals of Imago theory upon which assumptions and ideas of Imago Relationship Therapy are built

Imago Clinical Training:

Module 1 Classes (begin)

Sept 5, 2024

Next Module 1 Classes (begin) Dec 5, 2024

Imago Clinical Training:

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Sept 6-8, 2024

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Nov 1-3, 2024

Imago Professional Facilitator Program

Fundamentals program Starts September 30. 2024

Welcome to the Imago Online Training

This comprehensive online course introduces clinicians to the Imago theoretical foundation and clinical application of Imago Relationship Therapy, a powerful and empowering approach to couples therapy.

Discover the Unique Power of Imago Relationship Therapy: Imago Online Training

Harville Hendrix, co-founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, explains what makes Imago therapy unique. He highlights that couples' problems often stem from ruptured connections, which are rooted in childhood experiences. Imago therapy focuses on restoring these connections through a structured process called Imago Dialogue, which helps couples move from anxiety to safety and experience a deeper connection. This approach not only heals the present relationship but also addresses past wounds.

Join the Imago online training to learn this efficient and effective method for helping couples rediscover love and connection.

The Imago Online Team

Discover True Connection: Gene Shelly Explains Imago Training for Deeper Relationships and Lasting Emotional Safety with Your Partner

Imago Therapy: A Practical Map for Therapists – Join Nedra Fetterman’s Training Team to Deepen Your Understanding

Transform Relationships: Herb Tannenbaum explain how  Imago Therapy Training Empower Couples, Understand the Past, Envision Futures.

Learn Imago therapy to effectively navigate and alleviate emotional chaos between couples – Kobus van der Merwe

Hear from other faculty members about Imago Relationship Theory

Sophie Slade, PhD, UK/Canada

Barbara Cremers, Netherlands

Michelle Bohls, USA

Peter McMillan, New Zealand

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, USA

Maya Kollman, USA

Online Training Courses


Imago Professional Facilitator Fundamentals Training January 2024


Imago Professional Facilitator Fundamentals Training – Weekend

Learn how to facilitate the couples dialogue to help the couples moves toward connection and emotional safety

Get a clinical framework to work effectively with couples therapy

Trainers are experienced Imago relationship clinicians and trainers.

Our Professional Training Staff

The lead faculty for this online training are members of the Imago International Training Institute faculty

Imago Online Training Circle is a collaborative team of faculty of the Imago International Training Institute, leading this course in Imago clinical training .

Imago Online Training Circle

What Our Students Have to Say

Hi friends,
I highly recommend this online training program for Imago Clinical Therapy. The faculty team is the best in the business ... this is a very powerful process that involves personal attention and mentoring.
"Thanks for all your teaching. I appreciate your positive and enthusiastic approach in teaching. After many degrees and trainings, this as been the most beautiful learning experience for me!
I just finished watching the class from Thursday. It was wonderful. You explained the Imago paradigm in such a simple and understandable way. It makes so much sense.
I continue to appreciate what I learned in this Imago Online course... I continue to be amazed at the power for each partner at the end of a session.