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The fundamentals of Imago meta-theory


Imago Professional Facilitator Fundamentals Training – Weekend


Imago Professional Facilitator Fundamentals Training January 2024

What Our Students Have to Say

Hi friends,
I highly recommend this online training program for Imago Clinical Therapy. The faculty team is the best in the business ... this is a very powerful process that involves personal attention and mentoring.
"Thanks for all your teaching. I appreciate your positive and enthusiastic approach in teaching. After many degrees and trainings, this has been the most beautiful learning experience for me!"
I just finished watching (the recording) class from Thursday. It was wonderful. You explained the Imago paradigm in such a simple and understandable way. It makes so much sense.
I continue to appreciate what I learned in this Imago Online course ... I continue to be amazed at the power for each partner at the end of a session